LM IB, c. 1500 B.C..................
This is a lithochryselephantine (stone-gold-ivory) statuette measuring ~0.50 m (~20") in height. It was found near the modern town of Palaikastro on the eastern coast of Crete. Presently it resides in the Siteia Museum. Above you see a detail of the left arm exempli- fying the wonderful skill and naturalism accomplished by its artist. Below are frontal, profile and exploded views. Though sketchy, the latter shows eight separate pieces of ivory, two rock crystal eyes, a serpentine head and gold sandal soles.  
Below are the fragments of gold found with the other fragments of the kouros. To determine scale, note that grid paper's actual size is 26 cm across; each dark square = 1 sq. cm.
The left foot magnified.